Computer Freezes

Every now and then my computer will freeze. I’ll do the ctrl+alt+delete and slowly the popup window (comodo defense +) will show in the bottom right. But it takes FOREVER. Is there something going on that I can fix to stop this? It appears to be every time the window should pop up it freezes.

What is your OS? How much RAM do you have?

What other Security Software & Startup items do you have?


Windows XP Home w/SP3
504 meg of RAM

I use Drive Sentry as my AV
Comodo FWP as my Firewall
running Network Defense in Safe Mode
running Proactive Defense in Clean PC Mode

What’s the best way to find and list what I have running at startup?

Currently in the tray I have:
Comodo FWP
Drive Sentry
Kodak Easyshare
Network Magic

As a side note, I used a fix I found in the forums here. So far my computer hasn’t frozen up but it’s only been a few hours.

I also wanted to comment that I’ve seen a few posts in the forum about Comodo freezing and some writers saying to just wait, that sometimes it takes that long for the process to run. If it’s supposed to take that long for a process to run, then there’s something wrong with Comodo so please… trust those of us that are posting our problems. If it was only freezing for a minute, we wouldn’t be posting.

Sorry for the flame, just had to make that comment :slight_smile:

No Flame. :slight_smile:

Can you Uninstall your current CFP & Download COMODO Internet Security 3.5 BETA

But only Choose COMODO Firewall during installation - Not the AV. CIS uses CFP 3, But this version in CIS Beta has many bug fixes - a newer version of CFP (The Beta part is the AV in CIS and integration).

See if that resolves your issue. Let me know.