Computer freezes when installing on computer attached to a domain

V3.0.21.329 on XP SP2 with active directory domain. I installed it and rebooted. It froze before login prompt appears. I think this is while it is applying group policy. I left it over 10 minutes and then gave up. I uninstalled it in safe mode but even safe mode was very slow. Everything OK again after uninstall.

There were several messages in the event log from the time when it appeared frozen about being unable to connect to computers on the network and Kerberos authentication failure. Also a message saying the driver CMDGUARD failed to load.

I see others have had a similar problem and a workaround suggested. I do not have time at work to investigate this and try work arounds.

Also running Symantec antivirus corporate edition and windows defender.

Hi everybody,

I can confirm this issue – after installing the 18April-version of CFP3, I couldn’t log on to our domain server either. I was prompted for my login credentials, entered them, waited, waited, waited, eventually the message box would show “loading your personal settings”, waited, waited, waited. Finally, I had to shut down the computer. I if booted with the network cable unplugged, everything worked fine, I even could plug it back it after logging on. But I reckon, however, that the computer didn’t sync with the server and this workaround will only work for a short time until the server requires a forced sync.

FYI: with CFP2.4, everything worked like a charm.

Looking forward to any hint to resolve this issue,


Our latest version release is: V3.0.21.349. I suggest disabling the connection while installing CPF 3 and then turning the connection back on after initial reboot.


You actually mean, don’t you?

Yes, that’s what I meant.