Computer freezes up when accessing certain cites on CD

Hey, just switched to Dragon after using regular Chrome for years.

When I try to visit certain sites on Dragon (like, for instance, Dailymotion) it freezes up my computer for no reason. Is there something wrong? Is there a virus? I’m confused and concerned.



We are investigating this issue and we could not reproduce it in our test environment. Could you please give us more details regarding to your browser version, which specific sites you have problem on etc. ?


I opened dailymotion with Opear 12.17 x64 and it choked Opera for 10-15s. It did not hog the CPU odd enough. I would have expected it to use a full CPU core. This did not reproduce when restarting Opera (it is set to clear cache upon closing). It also did not happen with Dragon. I am on Win 8.1.1 x64.

It didn’t freeze up for me using Chromodo. Windows 7 64-bit