computer freezes muting sound / installing audio drivers

I have installed CIS 3.8.64739.471 on my HP laptop 8730w with Windows Pro 32, SP3, sound card is SoundMAX AD1984A, driver version is from 16.10.2008.

With installed CIS, the sound (audio) cannot be muted: pressing the button or using the control panel crashes/freezes the computer, it has to be shut down using the power key.

Re-installing the audio drivers does not work, too. During the installation the computer freezes also.

After de-installing CIS all works fine.

Is there any solution for this problem? Do I have to wait for a new audio driver or CIS-version?

Thank You.


Try running Defense + in Clean PC mode and play with the audio settings, etc… This way D+ will learn the rules. After this you can up the security level of D+ again.

thank you for the reply.

hm, maybe I am using CIS wrong, but I am always in Clean PC mode.

I have tried to install in Clean PC mode and this time I was able to finish the installation. However, after the installation a reboot is necessary and this time the reboot finishes only if I switch also in Installation Mode. If not, after logging in the PC freezes during starting of CIS. After another manual switch off it starts normally but still the muting does freeze the system (:SAD)



Hi Sotton,

If I may suggest that you visit your Sound Driver provider’s website for a more updated driver version of your sound card.

Moreover, check “Device Manager” to see if there is any “yellow exclaimation” mark beside any of your sound components or if there is an IRQ conflict with another device that is unfortunately sharing the same Interrupt Request as your sound device. This is simply for clearity of your sound device’s reliability.

Hopefully, your keyboard is not sticky from split drink etc…If not, try installing CIS Version 3.8.64739.471 and updates as required. It seems to be quite stable with different Windows XP versions.

Hope that this as been helpful for you, and good luck!

Divine (:WAV)

all is up to date and no yellow exclaimation mark at all. I have tried all available sound driver versions (from the first to the newest) and different versions of CIS, no change.

Only without CIS installed there is no problem, with CIS installed the muting of sound is not possible and the system freezes.

I have found this old thread before

it seems to be a conflict between sound driver and CIS on different machines, same audio hardware though.

Maybe it is a problem between audio drivers, CIS and somthing else, like most of the problem machines are using some kind of quick launch hardware/software.


I have a HP laptop, I had that problem before. It only happens everytime my computer says “I maybe a victim of having a counterfeit windows”. <—something like that. (Side note, I wasn’t a victim of counterfeit software, I WAS a victim of Microsoft Heavy handed tactics. I had to use a patch for (WGA) and a patch to reactivate windows on VISTA THAT I PAID FOR!!! THAT’S RIGHT, FOR VISTA I PAIDED FOR!!! I refuse to pay for another one, and microsoft wasn’t helpfull on the phone either. so from this point on I refuse to buy another microsoft product again. After googleing online, theres plenty of people that have the same problem

It would criple my audio and eventully reduce the fuctionals things on windows. The mute button would be orange
If I kept hitting the mute button, the audio would come on for a split-second.

Try this for a solution
Restart the computer, keep hitting “f8” until a new screen comes up. click on “last know good configuration”
This fuction has in the past solve some of my problems in the past. But if you use this your proplably going to have to reinstall antivirus programs and comodo again. Check first before reinstalling.

yours was a different problem, I have a legal Windows copy and no problems with Windows.

Of course de-installing CIS cures the problem but is no solution because I want to use CIS and the mute function.

I am no expert but I guess the defense routines of CIS are blocking something so the process (muting the sound) cannot be finished. Just another idea…


Try making the .exe and .bat files that are in the Soundmax folder safe files. Go to D+ → Common Tasks → My own safe files → Add → browse files → navigate to the Soundmax folders and add → Apply – > Close/

there are no bat files, a few exe files, but trusting them did not help (:SAD)


He is not getting any error indicator in his hardware manager, so I doubt D+ is blocking it. I would believe more so in a conflict somewhere.

If I understand you correctly…
“With CIS the sound card fails. Without CIS the soundcard works fine.”

Sounds like you’re experiencing memory conflict errors.
CIS is allocating memory space that the soundcard needs.
Since CIS loads it’s drivers first, the soundcard ends up out in the cold…no memory space, no sound.

To verify this…

1.) Right Click My Computer Icon

2.) Left Click “Manage” on the flyout menu

3.) First Item on the list is “Event Viewer.” Left Click the plus sign to expand it.

4.) Look under “Application” for any listed errors (in the pane on the right) referring to your Soundcard or CIS

5.) Double-Click any listed errors, you’ll probably find numerous memory confiict errors.

If this is indeed a memory space conflict, you could try manually re-assigning memory space for the soundcard.

I have sound, but I cannot mute the sound (it does not mute using either button or control panel instead it freezes the system, however, sound plays on for a little moment if I was listening to some music) and I still can move the cursor a few times untill all freezes up.

I have checked the event manager, no specific errors of CIS or sound card/driver.

It must be a really strange conflict of something, however, still I have to blame CIS most because muting the sound works without CIS.


version 3.8.65951.477 does not cure the problem (:SAD)


I’m experiencing similar problem (about audio drivers). I own HP Pavilion dv5-1040ew. Everything was OK until I updated the firewall to version (the next version also didn’t fix a thing). Then right after booting windows (just after logon screen is shown), I can hear the CPU FAN spinning faster and faster. Logging in takes a LOT of time and when it finally logs in, Task Manager shows 100% (I mean it shows 50%, but I’ve got a c2d cpu so it’s 100% of a core) processor usage on a stacsv.exe service. I investigated it and guess what… It’s the Audio Service lol :confused: What a coincidence… However it doesn’t crash, it doesn’t freeze my PC when I try to mute it, it just consumes the whole 2GHz core on… well, I have no idea what for. But it didn’t happen before the update. And it doesn’t happen when I uninstall CIS. (That’s a completely different problem there, it honestly SUCKS. Maybe I’ll write another post/topic and describe wtf happened to me :confused: I’ve spent almost 2 hours fighting with it.)
If I kill the task (service/whatever/stacsv) after logging in, and then run that service again, everything’s OK, no popups or anything. This service is responsible for (more or less) changing the “Mute” touch-button’s color depending on mute state and… no idea what else.
So yeah, that seems to be a common problem.

I still have the problem with muting sound, however, the installation now is possible without freezing the computer, latest CIS 3.8.65951.477


I have similar kind of problem too. Mine is a HP EliteBook 6930p and i have just installed Comodo 3.8.65951.477. During the comodo installation, my notebook is already muted (on purpose). After everything is done, the moment i un-mute the notebook, the whole notebook went sluggish for a few seconds and all applications seems to be frozen after that. Mouse is still movable, but the task manager just didn’t seem to budge. THe only way out is a hard reset.

I’ve noticed that my audio driver is using SoundMax and seen another person having the exact same issue too and was resolved by uninstalling Comodo (he did not get any respond).

I think the Comodo guys should look at this issue seriously.

  • If it helps, my soundmax driver version is

Now i had to work with notebook without sound because i can’t unmute it.

so, I was talking to a tech guy from HP because of another problem with the sound drivers and he gave me the link to new drivers which did not solf my other problem but the freezing problem with muting sound is gone now :slight_smile:

"- Fixes an issue where systems with Trend Micro AV Software installed stop responding (hang) when the Mute button is pressed. "

The same problem with Trend Micro forced them to update the drivers…

for Windows XP 32 you can get the drivers here (however, don’t know if they support all notebooks, mine they do)

But the link was not available from the common driver download page ??? Not very good by HP :frowning:

So, I can not blame Comodo any longer for this problem :wink:


Thanks Sotton, you are a star!. That driver works for me. Unmuting the notebook no longer conflicts with Comodo. Thanks for sharing the solution.