Computer freezes at start up


I’ve got a very annoying problem.
I have a WinXP SP2 computer running with comodo firewall, as far as I know latest version as it’s been running updates nicely. I can’t check which it is, because the moment I start up my computer, and all is started my computer freezes up when I want to start a program. Any program. Last night I somehow managed to exit comodo before the freeze, and everything was back to normal.

Right now though I can’t even get a right click of anything.

Anyone know if this is really comodo related? or if it’s just a conflict comodo has with something.

I just uninstalled it in save mode, and even though my computer was a bit sluggish at the beginning because of cavasm using up some cpu, it all ran fine, so either something is coonflicting with comodo, or comodo is doing something wrong.
When I reinstalled the newest version the same thing happened, so for now I’ll deinstall it again.

Hi landryssa, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry you’re having problems with CFP. Everything locking up on start-up does indeed sound like some sort of conflict. However, conflicts with CFP are usually fatal to CFP only, rather than causing system wide problems. In fact, I can’t remember a lock-up issue with CFP… CAVS yes, but not CFP. A quick barrage of questions…

Can you confirm which versions of CFP you have tried to install (you seem to be saying that you’ve tried more than 1)? Have you ever run CFP successfully? Which version of CAVS are you running? What other security-related software are you running? Thanks.

Okay lets see,

Yes I’ve run CFP succesfully, for the last few months, (since my last format C) and before that.
I have no idea which version it was before the hiccup, but I tried to install the newest (just downloaded from the server, lets check version number: according to the download file.)

CAVS is running, version Beta 1.1? this according to the about in the status window. It has been updating nicely every so often, but I guess it doesn’t update the version number?

Thanks for helping me, atm I am running without a firewall, and it doesn’t feel good.

(just downloaded from the server, lets check version number: according to the download file.)

The latest version of the firewall for public is And it seems that you have an earlier version! I just checked the Comodo site now and they have the above mentioned version as well. Did you download from the Comodo site or from somewhere else?

Try from this link (Official Comodo Download)

And CAVS is

Try out these versions and chk whether the problem still exists!


I’ve just double checked CFPs download page & the latest version is, version is from October 2006. So, can you double check which version you previously had (the version is always included in the filename)?

In addition, CAVS Beta 1.1 is also from last year… the CAVS 2.0 betas are now available, I believe CAVS Beta is the latest. The frequent updates that CAVS performs are probably updates to the Virus Definitions. You might what to think about giving version 2 a whirl.

What happened prior to CFP failing? Had you installed any new software or performed any updates? Also, other than CAVS, do you have any other security software installed? Thanks.

I’m using version and am experiencing similar freeze up problems. I can start Windows XP (SP2) and all seems to start and load properly. I can move the mouse but as soon as I click on any desktop shortcuts or any items on the Task Bar, the system sits there frozen with the cursor becoming an hour glass. Mouse clicks no longer work (left or right) and CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn’t work. I have to turn the power off and try rebooting. Usually on the 2nd or 3rd try, the system will run normally. Today was particularly bad, it took about 6-7 times before I had a normally running system. I don’t know if Comodo Firewall is the culprit, but I was interested in finding this thread. So definitely, there is a conflict but I don’t know what it is. The problem started about 2-3 months ago but the freezing up is becoming more frequent.

I’m running
Comodo Firewall
Webroot Spysweeper
NOD32 antivirus (not the suite)


[addendum] I’ve installed version 3 now and will report on freezing problems in a few days. So far in 24 hours, no freeze-ups on accessing menu or desktop items.

It’s been almost a week since installing v.3 and Windows no longer freezes up on the first click of a task bar item or desktop shortcut. Comodo v3 seems to run much quieter too with fewer popup alerts.