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Okay, the title pretty much says it all…I am very much a “computer dummy”…so much so that I didn’t even know what tags to put in that box. I’m sure that there are probably answers to my questions somewhere on this site, but I have no idea how to find them. Here’s the problem: I tried to get downloads from Windows/Microsoft, and it kept doing the “searching for downloads” thing (the little bar icon that shows it’s working?) without ever coming up with anything. It just keeps sitting at that search page until it times out (error code 0x80072EE2). I have been told that temporarily disabling the firewall might work, but I can’t find out where to do that. All I can find is an uninstall option, which is not what I want to do. Can anybody direct me to the proper forum, or at least tell me what the best keywords would be for me to search? I would really appreciate it.
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Which version of the firewall are you using, 2.4 or 3? Then we can move your question to the right forum.

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What operating system (windows version) and firewall are you using?

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Which firewall and version are you using?

If CFP 2.4 there is a section here that may help:

If version 3 you could try looking through settings to see if anything is being blocked (check firewall events). To temporarily turn off the firewall right click the firewall tray icon and set firewall security level to disabled. Remember to change this back afterwards. You would be better trying to see what is being blocked and post your findings here before resorting to disabling the firewall though.


Okay, my OS is Windows XP and I’m not sure about which version that is. Comodo Firewall Pro Version Certified Applications Database Version 3.0. Is that all the information you needed, or do you need more than that?

The following may help:,1632.0.html,1702.0.html,1955.0.html,6518.0.html,6579.0.html,6836.0.html,7866.0.html


I did check settings (in reply to a previous post) and could not figure out what I was doing. I definitely need one of those users guides: Comodo for Dummies. I’m not stupid, but a lot of the technical stuff eludes me unless I have step by step instructions. Otherwise, it’s trial and error, after which I still have no idea what I did or am doing. Anyway, to get back on topic, I did not find anything in my tray icons that said “disable” so I used the exit option, and did get my Windows downloads afterwards with no problems. I will slowly be reading through things here on the forums, and hopefully I will learn something about how to use this firewall program. Thanks everyone for the help!

Windows error code 0x80072EE2 gives a Microsoft pointer to this article, which in turn points out the existence of a windowsupdate.log file that may have more detailed information about the cause of the problem. On the machine that I’m using now, a search turns up two such files, one is C:\windows\windowsupdate.log which is probably the one you want to look at.