Computer Crashing?

I was recently using Comodo Anti-Virus and Comodo Firewall (back in November or December, I think) and my computer started crashing repeatedly. I did some searching on why it could’ve been causing this, but found no answers. I also saw one of the user reviews on C-Net, and one user said that he had the same problem with his computer crashing, but he had to re-install his entire Windows XP operating system, after using Comodo. After reading that, I uninstalled both programs immediately. Because of this, I haven’t used Comodo ever since. I’m still looking for Anti-Virus, and Personal Firewall protection. I was wondering if the developers at Comodo were aware of people having this problem… And if so, have they done anything to fix it? Does Comodo Anti-Virus and Personal Firewall still “currently” have this problem? Don’t get me wrong, Comodo Products work extremely well. C-A.V. caught tens, if not, hundreds of viruses on my computer that I never knew existed, and that other A.V. programs such as Norton, McAfee, and AVG -never caught. C-P.F works extremely nice as well, too… Just one problem…they both almost messed up my computer. I need to know if this problem is still going on, because I really wanna use these programs again…

Hi and welcome,

CPF and CAVS have both had a few updates since December and have fixed issues such as this. The latest CFP is 2.4 and no recent issues like this have been reported.

CAVS is now at beta 2 and a number of issues have been fixed since beta 1.1. However, CAVS is still a beta product, and you may find some bugs. Some users find CAVS very stable though.
If you are looking for a free stable antivirus then I would recommend avast! or Avira Anitivir until CAVS is stable.


PS. In future posts can you not make your text fuzzy as it makes it difficult to read. Thanks.