Computer crashes when I try a full scan

I have been unable to run a full scan because Every time I do my computer crashes and restarts every time.

The scan starts off Ok but the computer crashes before it completes, any help would be gratefully accepted, I had uninstalled the last version of Comodo CIS for the same reason and thought that it may have been sorted for CIS 5

CIS 5.016… windows 7 ultimate 32 bit Prescott p4 3.2gz 1.5meg RAM

That sounds like a bug to me.

Are you willing to fill in an official bug report for this. That would help Comodo to tackle this problem further. Not all quirks have been ironed out as your situation shows.

The format to submit a bug report is described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

I also have a few questions.

  1. When you run the diagnostics do they report any problems?
  2. Can you fully update the virus database manually?
  3. Does it always crash when scanning the same file?

Please include this information in the bug report. Thanks.

I see I forgot to mention to also follow How to determine which file is causing a manual scan to hang to determine what files is causing the hanging and then add the results to the bug report.

Very involved process to follow to file a report…I will see waht I can do later tomorrow…

there is no one file that causes the crash as far as I can see…it randomly crashes at different points during the full computer scan…I first thought it was an issue with the screen saver or hibernation but these are now disabled and it still crashes, It even crashed whilst I was watching it the other day…I will try to simulate it again tomorrow

Do you have any other security software running on your computer? If you do that could be causing a problem.

I have followed your advice and submitted a bug report see here

I tried to scan again tonight with only CIS running all background programs and updaters (Itunes etc) turned off using task manager, still had the BSOD so that’s the report I attached to my bug report.

I do not have any other security software running permanantly, although I do use Sandboxie and Spybot S&D ( Mainly for the Immunization facility that loads a comprehensive list of blocked websites etc.) I also use Microsofts online scan and other online websites to scan particular files (e.g Virus total and Comodos of course)

Watch this space