Computer crash after installing Back-up Software

HELP! After installing Comodo Back-up Software my computer crashed completely. Even I can’t start up my computer with recovery discs anymore. I have Windows Vista 64 version on my computer. Not any back-up made… If anyone out there can help me please.


Did you install 2.1.118414.11 or 2.1.117500.10 ?
You can try to press F8 before windows is loading and select “Last known good configuration”.
What other backup or security software did you have installed?


Thanks for your reply! I don’t know the version, but I downloaded it the same day (yesterday) from your website, so I suppose it should be the latest version.
I have CA antivirus and Comodo firewall.
I already tried the option of “Last known good configuration” which didn’t work.



The version from website is 2.1.117500.10.
There is an update available, that fixes the problem with BSOD at start-up.
You can download it here:


Hi Emanuel,

Thanks so much for your help! Could you please give me a hint how to go from the actual BSOD situation to installing this new version?


Thanks Emanuel, your first suggestion (Last known configuaration) finally worked apparently. I now installed the new version you sent me and everything seems ok now. I’m very grateful. Have a blessed Christmas. You have a nice name in that regard…