Computer completely hangs up

hi all
since v5.3 i have big problems with new applications and mainly games…
so i wanted to ask if it is my pc causing the problems or could it be possible that its Comodos new version
im not really sure, because i had a nearly similar problem before with version 5.0, when i tried to import old configurations…

now to the problem itself:
when i start a game (for example Trackmania nations forever or Urban Terror) it is loading for short , then my whole pc freezes and i can only move my mouse
but when i hover the moouse over to where the defense+ and firewall windows usually appear it show a loading sign instead of my mouse, so i think its caused by comodo
the apps on my desktop freeze and i cant open the task manager anymore, so i have to restart my pc via hardware

any clue how to fix this?

OS: Vista Home Premium SP2 x86

Could you attach to the post screenshot of the Defense+ logs (Defense+ → View Defense+ Events)?

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums! :slight_smile:

First follow deadman’s advice. Could you tell us if your games/wanted application is in defense+ rules (CIS —> Defense+ —> Computer Security Policy —> Defense+ Rules).

Add wanted application in exclusions of Execution control settings (CIS —> Defense+ —> Defense+ Settings —> Execution control Settings —> Detect shellcode injections (i.e. Buffer overflow protection) —> Exclusions —> Add —> Browse…)

Let us know if things are going

Valentin N

sry for the language on the picture, im not from any english speaking country
and “Eigene Richtlinie” means that im able to create own rules for applications
i was only able to find trackmania over there, which i started in game mode later because it just crashed without game mode

and i forgot to mention something:
my first install (update from 5.0) of v5.3 got destroyed by itself when i tried to change skins
i went to options and changed my skin, then i clicked on anything in my firewall tab and same thing as with the games just one step harder: every time i started my pc it hang up during boot and i had to uninstall during safe mode, because the diagnosis tool couldnt fix the found problems

OK, this is a screenshot of the Computer Security Policy window.
Could you attach screenshot of Firewall (Firewall → View Firewall Events) and Defense+ Events (Defense+ → View Defense+ Events)? Also, check if you have anything blocked in the Firewall → Network Security policy → Blocked Zones and in Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files.

i tried something again and it seems as if this problem only appears with new installed games…
may it be possible that the option “threat unknown files as…” on “untrusted” causes these problems because i’ve read that this option could cause problems with games…?

Yes; the problem could be in that setting. Check whether the games you’re having problem with are sandboxed or will be treated as Untrusted (you can see that on Summary page).

I have a similar issue with my defense+. I’m pretty sure this is the root cause since I’ve never had this problem until I installed comodo firewall. It only happens after I install new programs/updates. Recently I have updates for Skype, Izarc, and others and every time, my PC locked up (only can move my mouse) and I had to do a hard reset. Is there anything I need to do when I install a software update so that my PC isn’t locked up anymore? Note: PC works fine after hard reset.

Hey and warm welcome Sprintel! :slight_smile:

Add the installers here Add wanted application in exclusions of Execution control settings (CIS —> Defense+ —> Defense+ Settings —> Execution control Settings —> Detect shellcode injections (i.e. Buffer overflow protection) —> Exclusions —> Add —> Browse…) and then the programs.

Valentin N

Hi Valentine… thanks for the warm welcome. So if I understand correctly, I have to do this every time before I run a new installer, correct? Now how about automatic updates like Firefox or Skype?

Only if CIS is giving problems when something is trying to install.

Valentin N

Go to defense+ > Defense+ Settings > Sandbox Settings and checked :
automatically detect updaters/installers and run them outside the sandbox
automatically trust files from trusted installers


I’d recommend follow what the people posted above said, I’d like to add more thing (purely optional)

If you have a second of time available, Would you be able to post what software and/or game that comodo is giving a hard time with? (purely optional)

Please submit applications you wish to be trusted here. Please include:

1 - The name of the application/software
2 - The download link of the application/software