Computer can't PING me through LAN

First of all, thanks for taking your time in visiting this post. On with the problem:

I have a PC and a Laptop, both with WindowsXP Profesional SP3, and the very same version of CIS running. I have tried to connect to the Laptop from my PC and it SEEMS to work, as we can share files, and even play certain games via direct LAN link or through a Router (Rise Of Nations). However in some games, we experiment certain problems. For example, in Diablo 2, when the PC hosts the game and the laptop atempts to join, the laptop is unable to find the PC’s IP (it displays “Cannot contact server”). However, if the laptop hosts, the PC can instantly connect to it without problem or delay. More puzzling is the fact if the PC pings the computer, it shows it has delivered the packets properly. However, the laptop cannot ping the PC for some unknown reason, stating that all the packets are lost. More troubling: the event log of the CIS Firewall on the PC lists the IP of the Laptop attempting to connect and automatically blocking it without warning or prompt.

I have basically configured both the laptop and the PC myself as I own both, so I am wide sure that there no other firewalling software meddling in the affair of both. I have tried several different things, but none have worked. The only difference between the configuration of both the CIS on the laptop and the PC are that the one of the laptop is plainly “out-of-the-box” while the one of the PC is very slightly tweaked here and there.

So, if someone can grant me a hand in how to make the CIS of the PC to stop blocking the laptop from fully connecting, I would be most thankfull. In advance, I thank you for taking your time in reading this wall of text.

Do you have a global network rule that allows traffic from the other computer? That is where I would start.

I am afraid you might have to be more specific in that regard as I am considerably new into this entire system of rules for the firewall in Comodo (I had CIS for a considerably short time, so I still don’t know how it works exactly, specially when dealing with interconectivity between computers, so if you can point out what kind of rule and WHERE should I be looking, I would gladly appreciate it). If you are asking me that if the laptop is capable of connecting to the internet, yes, it can, using the same router as I use, without problems. As I said, we can even share files without problems. However, as I stated, the connection shows it’s “limitations” when trying certain games. If it helps, here is an screenshot of the Global Rules screen of the PC:

And here the Global Rules screen of the Laptop: