Computer Browser Service refuses to run [Resolved]

This is my second topic posted to this forum and this also is a confimed bug. After installing the firewall. As recorded in the XP event log:

Error: The Computer Browser service terminated with the following error:
This operation returned because the timeout period expired.

After uninstalling the firewall it goes away. I hope this issue and the other one I posted here would be fixed in the next version. I also posted an issue on CAV forum as well.

These bugs were observed in a new install of XP SP2 with all the updates installed on 2 PC’s

Do you actually need that service running? It is one of many services that can be normally be disabled. Yes its still a bug I guess, but if its not needed it won’t effect you.

Services example (black viper list):

This is a bug with SP2. There is a KB at Microsoft site. The bug occurs if you stop and disable the ICS/Windows Firewall service. To workaround this bug (i had it too) set the ICS/Windows Firewall service as Automatic even if you don’t use the Windows Firewall (disable it using the applet in Control Panel or in the Security Center).

This is my first post and I wish to thanks the Comodo Firewall team for a great product.

Best Regards.

Thanks for the pointer nelsonhf, good to have you on board with us :wink: