Compress the AV Database

Ok i checked this with AV database 1596.

I used the 7-zip program to compress the database just to see what it would come out as.

bases.cav - 100,825,205 bytes.
bases.7z - 065,841,608 bytes.

Or simpler terms, 65.30% of the original size.

These were the settings i used:

Archive format: 7z
Compression level: Maximum
Compression method: LZMA
Dictionary Size: 32 MB
Word Size: 64
Solid Block Size: 4 GB
Number of CPU Threads: 2 (don’t know if this will actually affect outcome size or not)


On a side note. Comodo has started to produce and use family signatures. This should reduce the bases.cav size in the mid long run

yeah i know. but still it would compress some i believe. cause it is essentially just a text file isn’t it? idk i havent opened it up to see…yet. anything at all can help people on dialup, bandwidth limited, pay per mb, etc.

7z Compression can Reduce Signature File Size to 66% of the Original Size

Thanks for referring, I was just about to dig up that topic.

oops. didn’t know that this had already been raised.

although i realize i did leave out a couple of details.

to compress at maximum level: 376 mb is needed.
to decompress at maximum level: 34 mb is needed.

and the only reason i didn’t try ultra level is because for some reason i’m unable to and run out of RAM. or 7zip tells me it was unable to allocate the memory block. either way same reason.

ultra takes 709mb to compress and 66 mb to decompress.

In the last 3 days, the DB has gone from 96.6 mb to an even 96. That’s the first time I have seen the size decrease. Let’s hope it continues.

Umesh posted here they hope to get it under 25MB.