Comprehensive System Tool

I would like to see Comodo Develop a Comprehensive System Tool similar to Everest Home Edition and AIDA32. AIDA32 development stopped when Tamás Miklós joined Lavalys and Lavalys discontinued the free version of Everest. These products have been very useful to me for multiple reasons. The ability to generate reports on system processes, memory usage, etc… would also help in future development of CAV and CPF by giving the users a plethora of information that they could submit to Comodo Devs. Just a suggestion…

(L) (B)

What about a dedicated comodo reporting tool to help support? It could grab all version numbers of all installed comodo apps, along withrelevant system info (with owners permission, of course). Resulting filecouldbe automatically uploaded to comodo with error/bug/problem description.

what do you all think?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Absolutely, sounds like a good idea to me.