Components dialog.

Since this part of the forum is specially for comments, I would like to re-comment this:

I noticed that when an alert notification pops up, and it has ‘libraries’ trying to access the internet, after you click on the ‘show libaries’ to see the libraries and click either allow or deny after that, the ‘components’ dialogue does not close with the pop up. This can be troublesome for those that prefer to check the libraries connecting to the internet everytime, as they have to close the ‘components’ dialogue manually.

If you also select “Remember my answer” then you will not have to manually close the dialog box. It will close itself. Also, why would you want to keep re-checking the same components over again? If they do change - normally due to updating an application - then Comodo will notify you of the changed components, even though you previously selected to remember your answer.

Yep, I understand what you mean, but currently I’m using a spare pc for testing softwares, and even though it is a spare, I don’t want the wrong stuff to be trying to connect to the internet. So I don’t click the ‘remember answer’ thing. Its not a big issue anyway, just commenting it here because the last time I commented on it was quite long ago, when the forums weren’t split up into parts yet… so if I can’t be changed, its alright.

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