Component "Montitor" off for selected programs

First, I kept the typo cause I found it in the help files when trying to understand more about the Component Monitor. You can find it after the following part:

"Deactivating the component monitor means the firewall does not check components loaded by an application making a connection and therefore any rules set for it’s components are ignored.

When you install Comodo Firewall the Component Montitor is set to ‘Learn’ mode by default"

OOPS, just saw another one, “When Turn Off is selected, the Component Monitor section of the Summary screen will dispay” (above the first quote)

So, what I am interested in is turning the control features off for certain programs while keeping them on or in learning mode for the rest of the programs on the computer.


Currently thats not possible without first entering all the components into the component montitor ;D and then either blocking or allowing.

I think this would be a useful feature though, you should add this to the wishlist (if its not already there somewhere).