Component monitor??

Can someone tell me whether if all the components being set to allow is secure?


Do I need to ever change them at any point or can I trust the firewall to decide for me?

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After install, the Component Monitor is set to “Learn” mode; this is so the user is not inundated with popups from the hundreds (or thousands) of components involved with each application that connects to the internet (which with Windows includes many components shared by multiple applications). The presumption is that you are not installing on a suspect system; in other words, you are relatively certain that your system is clean.

The firewall on its own will not change from “Learn” to “On;” you will have to do so yourself. The general recommendation is that you wait 2 - 3 weeks, or until the majority (if not all) of your internet-connecting applications have been run and allowed to connect to the 'net. This way you won’t be inundated with popups from a ton of new components. Once switching to “On” click the “Apply” button.

Be aware that when applications or modules update, you will probably see component/dll alerts. These alerts will mention a change in “libraries” and give a button to view those libraries to see what the changes are. I recommend checking those to see if it makes sense. For example, if you’ve just installed Java Runtime Environment and launch your browser, you expect to see libraries that would include JRE stuff.

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