Component Monitor: Turn On or Learn Mode

Just wondering what the difference is between these two modes. Learn mode seems to add dll’s without user input. When “Turn On” is used, you are prompted for each dll (and there are quite a few sometimes). Would allowing these (without looking at each dll) be the same as “Learn Mode”? I guess over time, prompts for dll’s will be less and less but I’m just wondering how other users work with this component.


I leave it in “Learn” mode, as I want to know what is trying to establish a connection.You’re right in assuming that the frequency drops with usage. Give it a while.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

With “Learn Mode”, I’m a little worried that something may load without my knowledge :-. If CPF is able to tell which dll’s are legit and block the bad ones (or alert me), then I would change to “Learn Mode” to avoid the additional prompts.