Component monitor question.

I’m using the latest Comodo firewall. When I go to the Security tab and click on Component monitor, I’m finding a red circle with a white x in it in front of a DkRes.dll component. Does that mean that that particular dll is corrupted? It’s a dll from the Diskeeper 9 defragmenter.

I’ve tried re-installing the diskeeper program, and I still have this issue. Does anyone have any ideas about this?


i have the same thing with diskeeper 9. diskeeper still works, so i don’t pay any attention to it. no other dll’s in the component monitor have that red circle with the white x in it.

Maybe it’s just the icon for DkRes.dll?

that’s what i was thinking.

Could be … I read the info that came with Comodo and I couldn’t find out if the program detects bad dlls and marks them with the red circle or not.

I usually set the defragger to run every three days between 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM. I also have AntiVir
run a scan at 7:10 AM…when I come in and look at the screen, Comodo is showing an error saying that Diskeeper has a corrupt file. Everything works fine with all three programs…it’s just that issue in the morning. I’ve decided to shut the AntiVir scan off and see what happens.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. Later…

The icon infront of the DLL in the component monitor, is the “default” icon stored in the DLL.

No danger.


Hey svein. After reading this thread I think I got my answer but. I have a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it beside the avnotify dll. in my Component Monitor that is for Avira Antivir PE. Do you think this too is simply the default icon for that particular dll, or is it an alert of some sort as it has an exclamation point inside a yellow triangle? Thanks.

The yellow triangle icon is in the app. It’s not a warning symbol, it belongs to the app.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes it does help panic, and so does your quick response help to make me feel good about using CPF. I thank you, and if I have have any other questions down the road, I hope I can depend on you again. Take care.