Component Monitor - problems blocking DLLs

Hello there, I use the Comodo Firewall It is very good, except for a certain problem: there are numerous of DLL files that I want to block in the Component Monitor. So I chose “Block” and then press “Apply”. Now, the problem is that the program doesn’t seem to remember this choice? When I reboot and the firewall starts, the rules of the blocked DLL files seem to be gone.

Has anyone come across this problem, too?

Do you use any registry protecting program? Spyware program?

Yes, Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.4 is monitoring Internet Explorer (version 7).

Now, after the last two reboots the problem actually seem to be gone - except for a certain DLL file that keep asking for Internet access every time I start Internet Explorer. It has done so ever since I started to use Comodo Firewall. The file, AcSignIcon.dll is related to Autodesk AutoCAD. An Autodesk License service starts with my system (Windows XP), could it be that this service wants to give AcSignIcon.dll Internet access? If so, I still don’t understand why Comodo Firewall doesn’t want to remember my rule of blocking this DLL…

It’s not a big issue, just a bit annoying having to block it all the time.

You can probably go to control panel/administration tools/services and find that license service and inactivate it. :wink:

Yeah, thanks for that tip, but now I’ve found out that this Autodesk service probably doesn’t load this particular DLL file. Besides, the service is already stopped, I havn’t touched it!

The solution I have tried now is to remove the DLL file from its folder (C:\WINDOWS\system32). AutoCAD seems to run as usual anyway. And best of all, Internet Explorer now seems to run without interuptions from Comodo. My earlier atempts to block the DLL file even caused denied Internet access for Internet Explorer… we’ll see how this works out, if not, maybe I’ll post a ticket to Comodo? Just blocking an Autodesk DLL shouldn’t cause denied access for Internet Explorer?!

Thank you again.


The reason Comodo blocks IE, is because it thinks your DLL file is some kind of malware, so CFP blocks IE just to be on the safe side…

Good that it worked out for you. ;D
If it comes back, post a ticket as you said.