Component Monitor - Learning Mode vs. "Turn On"

The default setting for Component Monitor is in learning mode. How does one know when to “turn on” the monitor, … or should it just be kept in learning mode forever ?

Hi trench3, check out the link below for your question. It is listed in the FAQ’s for COMODO Personal Firewall.


To simplify this, go to Component Monitor and just click Turn On.

Leave it on “Learn Mode”. It is there to make our life simplier ;D

Yes. You can even turn it off as CPF detects DLL injections without component monitor running:)

Thanks to all for the responses. I’ve decided to keep it in learning mode.

If its left in “Learning” mode forever, then surely it serves no purpose? Every component is allowed by default forever (unless you change it).

“Learning” mode and then later “On” would be suitable for power users, who want to see what components are loaded and have control over them.

I know what apps should be accessing the net, but components - I wouldn’t have a clue so “Off” would be better.

Unless it does something else?

I don’t reccomend to use the “off” option, unless is needed for some specific reason.