component monitor help neede

i am getting this yellow sigh with ! in it , next to a java file …
so it looks like a sigh of dengure i block it … but what does it really meen this yellow sigh?
xp pro
ssv.dll is the file name it is part of javaTM SE binary…
when i block it it dosnt afect the main java TM preformance
any advice?

ssv.dll seems to be a part of the Java interpreter for the latest JRE, used to help applets run in your browser. It might only be needed if you use Internet Explorer.

I’m not sure what the yellow “!” means; a screenshot of what you are seeing will help us in that respect.


i dont know how to screen shot (:SAD)
but the yello sigh is like the shiled of the cpf , just in yellow and with ! in the middel…
sorry about it

Once you know how to screenshot, to upload that picture, post something in this thread and at the bottom left of your message there’s an Additional Options…

The yellow triangle - does it have anything to do with your IE browser?

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no triengel its a shild like the shild of CPF
its some kind of worning i am sure but what worning?

Again, we need a screenshot of this otherwise we’re all just guessing here…

look at trademark of CPF
its a shild in light blu
so i get this shild but in yellow with ! in the meedel of it…

Ok, I think we all know what it looks like now, but we still have no idea exactly where this yellow exclamation (!) mark is located - from which program are you seeing this from? Can we please have a look at your screen?

how is that?

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Ah! Thanks. So it was something in CFP’s GUI itself. That’s the first I’ve seen a yellow shield with exclamation mark in it on a Component Monitor item.

How about this:
perform a search on your computer for ssv.dll - in Windows Explorer (or My Computer), is the icon also the yellow shield with (!) mark? If it is then the icon is not something created by CFP, but by the file itself. If it really is a part of Java, then there is no reason to block it because although it seems to work fine for you, there might be unknown consequences.

Now, to explain what Component Monitor actually does from the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Comodo firewall board:

the file is a part of java tm
it dosnt afect the way java prefoemed when i block it
this yellow thing must meen something other wise why cpf mark it??
it not in yellow on window
what do you think?

Ok, here’s a thread that states with it disabled from IE, it loads webpages faster for them:

Here’s another thread:

This one explains that if you click on the Tools menu it lets you see the Java console:

My general recommendation is to enable it if your Java suddenly doesn’t work in the future. So disable it for now. Needless to say, it’s a legit file.

here is whet i got on the serch

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That would appear to be an icon for ssv.dll itself; not anything to do with CFP. If you notice in Component Monitor (even your screenshot), there are some icons next to other components (besides the default ones) - like PC Tools, for example.


there is another pic of cpf just above

i block itbut every time i reboot the computer it comes back and i need to block it again in the component monitor

You have to click the Apply button to save changes in the Component Monitor. If still doesn’t work (which has known to happen), don’t worry about it and just allow it. As stated in my previous post, it is a legit file. You are too afraid of everything :slight_smile:

If all the items on the list had the yellow (!), disabling them would cripple your computer ;). The only Component Monitor files to disable are ones that your suspect are malware, but this one isn’t!

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