Component monitor "Block" doesn't stay blocked [RESOLVED]

I set a number of items in “Component Monitor” to “Block”, yet when I reboot my PC none of the items I checked are still blocked; everthing is back to “Allow”. What is the purpose of having the option to Block if it isn’t going to “stick”? ???

Any changes only “stick” if you press Apply, otherwise they will reset when CPF is restarted.

I did Apply them.

Maybe a removal & reinstall is in order because I am seeing other questionable behavior with this firewall like excessive memory usage fluctuations, asking me to allow / block applications that I have already made a choice on (and are in the application list) and the firewall taking a longggg time to start (which, IMO, would seem to leave me vulnerable until the program does start).

OK. I tried a couple of tests trying to see if there were any circumstances where CPF would fail to remember Component Monitor actions after an Apply (Ctrl-Alt-Del restart & forced exit of CPF.EXE). But, CPF remembered all applied actions.

(which, IMO, would seem to leave me vulnerable until the program does start).

According to Egemen, this is not the case. CPF is working (and blocking if needed) as soon as Windows starts. The systray icon is the last thing CPF does on start-up & whilst this might give the impression of CPF starting last or being slow, it is only an impression. In reality, CPF is running & protecting the system right from the start, despite the absence of the CPF systray icon.

I may see an issue here. In the Component monitor, you see the .dlls, etc…in your application monitor, the programs that are allowed are linked to component monitor. An example, I have Vcom.exe and Vcom updater allowed in application monitor, in component monitor, the updater is MX-XXX and if I attempt to disable it, but leave it allowed in the application monitor, it won’ t stick due to being the same application. If I disable it in Application monitor, then I can disable it in Component monitor. I would assume a conflict otherwise hence you are allowing it to connect, but trying to disable it in component monitor. If I disable the updater in Application monitor the Component monitor disables them by default.

Hope you understand my gibberish.



I understand you completely :slight_smile: and what you said is right on target. I tried it and now the Blocked Components are staying blocked. Thanks.

You are very welcome! :slight_smile: