Component inspector

I trying to track down malware that keeps redirecting me from google search results. I tried about every antispyware scanner i know of and two antiviruses they dont find anything.

I thinking now to track it down with component inspector, i am not sure if there is such feature in Comodo, but i remember back in the day’s when i used ISS BlackIce firewall v3.x by default it show you each program and component that trying to execute some other component or dll etc and you must either grant permission or deny. I wonder if there is such thing in CIS?

P.S. I have defender and sandbox disabled completely so please walk me trough and tell me how to enable this feature.

This is not available in CIS ver4.0, though it was available in comodo firwall ver2.0
To check which comopnents are loded, try using Process explorer from sysinternals.