component controll feature , has comodo it?

i was an outpost users and i tried look and stop

both have a compontent control , that is for example dll that the program load

from a old guide

It also monitors each component of each application. This is a significant improvement over other personal firewalls because applications typically have dozens of modules, any of which can easily be substituted for by virus or Trojan makers.If a component of an application has been changed and the application is about to establish a connection, Outpost Firewall will ask you to allow or permit this changed component. The purpose of Component Control is to make sure these components are not fake and malicious.

well i did not find such feature in comodo , Am i wrong?


Not sure but i guess component monitor presents in those firewalls without hips or limited hips functionality (e. g. CFP v2 with hips features to provide leak protection).
But when full-feature hips is present on system this means that any components/activities etc. etc. are monitored.
CFP v3 - firewall with full-feature hips implemented (D+).