Completly locked out of my machine after install!!!

After installing Comodo for the first time, l was locked completly out of my machine!!! Will not even let me shut down normally. Get “access denied”, or “no permission”, popups. Been using Zone Alarm since first day, and Blackice for awhile, both removed from machine. AVG installed, but disabled for install of of Comodo. Running XP home SP2, with Security Center disabled. WHAT NOW!!!

Uninstall Comodo ??? In Safe mode :slight_smile:

Disable Firewall And Put Defense in Training Try To restart and Then uninstall Comodo

if this issue happens again please say so

wont let me open Comodo either, says l do not have permission!

Try Safe mode. Press F8 when you’re booting up and choose Safe mode :slight_smile:

will not let me startup in safe mode, l mean l am completly locked out. Will boot up into windows normally, and can get to program files etc, but will not let me run any operations. I think im ■■■■■■■!

Will not even let me shut down normally, have to use control alt del. Cannot shut down comodo thru running processes iether, “access denied”.