Completly disable D+

In CIS 5 there was “Completly disable D+ (requires restart)” option, but I can’t find it in CIS 6.

It really helped with some games that won’t run like some online games with anti-cheat systems (Like GameGuard).

Is there any way to disable D+ without uninstalling CIS?

I believe that would require disabling the BB and disabling the HIPS (assuming you had enabled the HIPS).

I too was looking for a global “disable” switch as was previously available, and am thus far not convinced the same action is taking place at present in the new version when simply toggling off feature switches.

Could we possibly get a confirmation on the situation in detail from a developer?
I do Not want anything else running via Comodo, aside from the firewall, at all.

With Comodo Firewall the only components running by default are the Firewall and the Behavioral Blocker. Thus, disabling the behavioral blocker is sufficient.