Completely disable the Defense+ ??


i use the newest Comodo Firewall version and unchecked all options relating to HIPS but unfortunately it still blocks a tool which i need. :frowning:

Have you any idea? Many thanks ahead!

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Hi Ur7urn,
Do you get any alerts when it is being blocked?
Do you get any event logs to show what module is taking action to cause it to be blocked?



no i get no messages because I only use the Comodo firewall. The tool makes a change in a system path but if Comodo is running, it protects it I think and even hides system processes which the tool must find. So the tool dont work cause it doesnt find a determined ssytem process. :frowning:

Im sure the problem caused by Comodo’s Defense+, or?? I always have to remove the Comodo install path in the registry to fully deactivate Comodo functions so that the tool works.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations]

In older Version (CIS 5 I think) u could diable Defense+ completely look here (sorry german Version)

I can translate: “Defense+ permanent deactivate (require a restart)” but where is it in the new Comodo Version??

Many thanks ahead for support!

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Hi Ur7urn,
Sorry I am not sure how to help, let us hope someone else has some ideas.

Note: For use with 100% trusted files only.
You could try adding the tool/file to the Behaviour Blocker exclusions list.
Define exclusions for behavior blocking-Comodo Help

Note: Later versions of CIS do not have the option/setting to disable ‘Defense+ Permanently’ like previous versions.

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thx captainsticks for the hint

the point was ‘Detect shellcode injections’ which I searched for. Ive also found it on similar link Behaviour Blocker, Network Access, Internet Protection | Internet Security v6.3

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You are welcome. :-TU