complete removal

Hi, i hope this is the right place for my question. i run comodo and when the scan is finished it shows viruses and malwares that were found. and it offers me what to do - Clean (i use the version in my language, i think in english it says Desinfect) and Ignore. so i click “Clean” (or “Desinfect”) and it asks me if i want to put viruses into the quarantine - no other choice. so i click “yes” and viruses disappear. i think they were put into the quarantine. but i do not want to put them into the quarantine, i want to completely remove them from my laptop. what should i do? or is this the correct procedure? i use the free version of comodo. thanks for replies.


If you go to the quarantine, which located under the antivirus section, it will show you all files in the quarantine and provide you with the option to delete them all.