Complete lock down of my windows vista Ultimate 64x


well today rolled out a new update CIS_Setup_3.8.64739.471_XP_Vista_x64
so as always i clicked update, but to my great surprise after my laptop had restart.
i wasn’t able to anything. no program would work, now i needed to uninstall my beloved firewall
i did try to let it fix it but without any success >:( :cry:

anyway has anyone else had this problems?

(i did reinstall the firewall once but without any success…)

i will now just download an old version and use this untill this problem is fixed (hopefully soon!)


Hey again

i have found that the problem is in proactive defense+

so now i ask
can Ad-aware or Search and Destroy or ccleaner or Spywareblaster cause any problems with this??
and i ask why now and never before has it cause problems if it might be one of those programs?

If you have the same problem, then dis activate proactive defense+ then all the problems will go away
i know this is not the best option but if you still want to use this program and your pc

so one problem solved now i just need to give attention to my GF since she is ■■■■■■ that i didn’t give her any attention!

isn’t life great

Hi there,

Unfortunately there are a number of users reporting this also.

If you say “proactive defense+” do you mean that you switched from profile “Internet Security” to “ProActive Security” on the Manage you profiles menu ?

I hardly think Spywareblaster could have something to do with it because it just adds killbits for ActiveX/IE related stuff.

The other 3 could possibly cause some sort of interference, but there have also been reports of this on systems without any other AV/anti what ever program installed.

If your girlfriend doesn’t kill you it would be nice to know if the problem is still there if you uninstall Adaware/Spybot.

Ccleaner could only have been removing stuff after you have run it, it won’t interfere by just being installed.