Complete Drive Restoration - Possible?

I was wondering if after a complete backup to an external drive, if I have a drive crash and have to restore my entire hard drive from the backup whether this will work? Would I have to reinstall my OS first? Otherwise, how would I run Comodo backup to get my files restored? Is there some way to make a bootable restore disk?


Hello Steve,

Comodo Backup is not the best solution for this type of “restore” you are looking for.
What you are looking for seems to be a “drive image” backup so you can restore the complete drive image and your back in business… am i right ?

Comodo Backup mainly for backing up files and folders with let’s say photo’s / music / documents etc…

You could have a look at DriveImageXML, DriveImage XML Backup Software — Data Recovery
You can create a full disk backup, and use for example, Ultimate Bootdisk for Windows to create a bootable CD image that can “Restore” your DriveImage Backup.

What I have done for this scenario is do a complete systems backup on a second drive with Windows own backup program (Backup and Restore Center). When it is necessary to do a systems restore, use the Windows Start disk, repair option, and restore the system that way. (it also gives the option to reformat your drive during the restore).
This has worked successfully for me when I needed it.
I hope this helps you.

Thanks for the responses. Looks like DriveImage XML is what I was looking for.

I will make note this package does not support Vista x64 (as quoted from support).

Good call John :-TU hadn’t thought of that being a x32 user myself :wink: