Complaint !!! [resolved]

I’d like to voice my protest in the strongest possible manner. Mr. McAleavey has been with Comodo for over a week now, and still no sign of the new version, and the other products either. It really isn’t good enough is it. I mean, just what has he been doing ALL this time.

I expect to see some results, and Very soon.


Are you joking? Or serious?


Yeah, exactly. I mean Kevin should be able to do the upgrade, change the logo, update the defs, accomodate all those new faces on his team, what… in an hour or two, then the rest, well we should have seen the new Commodo BOClean within… hours… :o 88)

My perspective…I’m in no hurry to upgrade. My current version of BOC is working just fine, great in fact, and I don’t use Vista. As long as the one I run is still updated I can afford to wait for them to release a new Comodo version.

Guys, take your time and get it right!

If you want it that fast you could just go buy it.

Oh give me a frigging break. Kevin and crew will release it when ready and all of us will patiently wait. Heck, no one wants it more then me and you cant go and buy it either. I tried. (:WAV)


Hey, can’t you guys spot satire when you see it? Just look at SITW other posts here, and you’ll realize this is hugely tongue-in-cheek…

well gee, a smiley face at the end, might have helped. (:AGL)

Send me £300 and I’ll see what I can do. ;D

Theres more bollocks talked about this release of Boclean than Ive seen for ages!

This is a free program and what the hell do you people want-blood!

Would any of you people complaining work for nothing? I think not. For gods sake let the guy complete his prog in peace!!

It’s on the way… but 300 pounds of… what? :wink:

As i said before, i want my money back. What a rip-off!

Yeah, scandal, over a week at his job and we have seen nothing…I can’t believe it, I want my money back!!!

Just kidding, but instead of complaining…YOU SpannerITWks, can code something nice for us in one week? :slight_smile:

Spanner is joking… he knows Kevin and just pulling his leg :slight_smile:


Ok, really bad joke then :slight_smile:

I can come up with better jokes than that even when I sleep :wink:

I guess that’s what’s known as “throwing a Spanner in the works” 88)

BOClean is ready when its ready, and not a second before.

BoClean has been ready, always has. Just the integration phase is what we are waiting on. Sorry, but I still wish it was K and N. Lesson learned by all of us I hope, support your Mom and Pop vendor, or gobble, gobble, gobble. I know it will be ok but all that matters is that one year from today, K and N are smiling, then it will have been all worth it. I think it will.

Or what.