Complaint about popups


I have been a customer with you now for over 3 years, and I pay you people to stop pop ups, virus’s and malware and
now you are creating POP UPS. Pop ups advertising your products. I pay you not to have that shit. Stop it!
You breach the trust the customers have in your when you do this.

This is disgusting, you are doing the very thing you are paid to stop!

I will never renew my subscription with you, you have betrayed the trust I placed in you.



And the reason you don’t just disable them is?

Hello NeonsStyle,

It is very sad to see you go since you actually have no problem on CIS :frowning: Please note that you are able to disable the pop ups on settings.

You can simply go to advanced settings >General settings > User interface sttings and Click to disable the “Show messages from Comodo message center” .

Let us know if you need further asistance,

Kind Regards