Complains about moderators of this forum (by forum rules)

Im here from a link on the forum policy / rules.

I want to complain about the behavior of two moderators of comodo forums.

These are: John Buchanan and wasgij6

The two moderators are abusing of power (moderator power) by threating me with these words:

Quote from: wasgij6 on Yesterday at 17:48:28

yro i have told you once already not to ask about star group information. Please do NOT ask again.


Quote from: John Buchanan on Today at 16:29:59

Software upgrades and information regarding same will only be made available when it is released publicly, not before.
Yro, you have been warned for the last time.  Any further outbursts, disrespect, thread hijacking, post poisoning, and requests for information about something not publicly available will be met with another post ban.  This time I am recommending a month, so be forewarned.

Im asking about COMODO INTERNET SECURITY 9 informations on comodo forums. This is a leaked edition but its an comodo product. There are no rules on forum policy that especify users can not talk about leaked products from comodo. For this I would like to make this complain, since one of these moderators is a global one and the complains we register on this forum are ignored every time.

As a comodo user, and costumer (my clients), I would like to hear from Mellih, for who we pay money to have cis, words about this behavior from these moderators. Otherwise Ill be forced to cancel all the payments and call the money back as COMODO is not solving problems as it suppose to do.

How to appeal against Moderators decisions

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