Complain about the Comodo employees

I buy an SSL Certificate from Comodo ( order: 2976159 ) on april 12 2007 and I installed.
I have some problem with instalation and i write to Comodo team.
On april 13 2007 I sent 2 ticket on suport team and other email to diffrent people from Comodo.
And i have a suprise. NOBODY ANSWER ME. I say NOBODY.
I must to remember I PAY for SSL certificate. I dont take nothing from Comodo for free.

They dont answer to me. Maybe they are the internet pirates.

That why i want my money back. Because i work for that money. It is my money. I have this rights.

If someone hear me please answer me.

Costel Grigore

Hi Costel

Sorry about that. I don’t know what happened here, i will investigate asap.

I will get this seen to immediatly.

thank you for your patience.



In the last 3 days you have raised 11 tickets regarding this order.

They have been sent to various departments, sales, support, and validation.

All have been responded to within an hour, except 3, which are presently open.
And, there are some in the 11 that you have replied back to the emails we have sent you.

Two with our accounts team asking for a refund.
One with our level 2 support team saying:
I am very glad for your reply.
I read what you tell me and i have a question:
for which name i was suposed to get certificate to
work on and in that case what
should do.

All the above you sent replies to over the weekend, when the respective teams are not available.

I have put all of these on hold, as we are uncertain if you want a refund or a resolution to the problem.

Please place a reply here and I will then re-open them as either a refund or for the support team to resolve.


At the risk of pouring gasoline on a raging forest fire… ;D

Costelgrigore1, (and others who may be watching this thread…)

Yes, it’s really annoying when things don’t work out the way we want them to. Trust me on this one, I know. And if anyone wants to do a medical study on “foot-in-mouth disease”, I am the ideal test subject…

I want to raise a simple point here:

  1. There are companies who claim to have “tech support”

  2. Then there are companies who actually HAVE tech support

Tech support is expensive. Even internet tech-support, because someone has to filter thru all this crud and decide what, where, and how to handle it all.

And these people’s “loaded figure” - what it costs in both wages, benefits, taxes, infrastructure (like office space, computers, electricity, heating, etc.), supervisory personell, HR, payroll, etc. - is NOT a “trivial” figure. (I estimate it roughly at about 3x an employee’s hourly rate - give or take a smidge here or there)

The fact that Comodo even OFFERS this kind of support - for FREELY GIVEN products! - is absolutely astounding. Or maybe lunatic, or whatever… I sure don’t know. (grin!)

I’ve raised issues - and they’ve been addressed promptly. A heck of a lot more promptly than the support for products I’ve actually PAID huge money for!

OK, maybe it’s a little rough around the edges sometimes - but that comes from bein’ human. Heck! I’m a little “rough around the edges” at times too… ;D

I, for one, am grateful that Comodo does what it does. (I frankly wonder sometimes if Melih isn’t a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal ;D ), but I’m darn sure grateful regardless of whether or not all his lights are lit. (bigger grin!)

Bottom line: We gotta cut these folks some slack here. OK?