compile comodo firewall to run on gpu from nvidia or ati


There’s a lot of research on supercomputer apps with gpu’s. I was wondering if you guys at comodo can develop a winnt subsystem that can take advantage of gpu processing power.

Then recompile comodo firewall to run in this “winnt gpu computing subsystem”. This can greatly reduce core processors load.

Make slam-dunk the comodo brand name with first to market firewall via gpu processor. This is better than porting comodo to linux. This is more techno possible and still in your own backyard. Imagine that market share. Om … Om … pay homage to the grand market share just envisioned. :slight_smile:

Pretty please with sugar on top?

jujubefruit (B)

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Hello comodo team! (:WAV)

Excerpt from

NVIDIA and Addison-Wesley Release GPU Gems 3 Book
GPU Gems 3, the third volume of the best-selling GPU Gems series provides a snapshot of today’s latest Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) programming techniques. The programmability of modern GPUs allows developers to not only distinguish themselves from one another but also to use this awesome processing power for non-graphics applications, such as physics simulation, financial analysis, and even virus detection—particularly with the CUDA architecture. Graphics remains the leading application for GPUs, and readers will find that the latest algorithms create ultra-realistic characters, better lighting, and post-rendering compositing effects. This third volume is certain to appeal to not just the many fans of the first two, but a whole new group of programmers as well. (GPU Gems 3 Page at Addison-Wesley)

Posted: 10 Sep 2007 [GPGPU /Miscellaneous/Books] #

:slight_smile: gpu computing is coming… Allow your customers the option to unload core cpu virus scanning load to gpu. Everyone will appreciates it! Wow what visibility, wow wha tremendous reputation, wow what slick work comodo team can do, wow what gigantic market share for comodo virus scanner. Omm…Omm…Ommm pay homage to comodo visionary success. Omm…Omm…if only comodo team can develop comodo firewall and anti-virus to run on gpu resources.

(B) comodo more! (tm?) (B) comodo more!(tm?) (B) comodo more!(tm?) (B)

go go comodo
build us comodo more! (running on gpu resources)
anyone will do it
no one can did it
comodo can do it
yeah! yeah! comodo more!

comodo can do it
like no one can.
yeah yeah comodo more!

Free for registered users of course,
yeah yeah comodo more!

step to the left
step to the right
jump jump comodo more! (early toyota commercial copy cat)

huh-uh (slide)
huh-uh (slide)
huh-uh (slide) (moonwalk copy cat, huh-uh is backward for uh-huh)

signing out. stop. jujubefruit. stop.

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