Competition for Comodo?

I was wondering if the Comodo people consider the following product to be competitive.

"By Gregg Keizer, TechWeb Technology News

eEye Digital Security will release a free version of its Blink intrusion prevention product to consumers in the next few weeks, a company official said Monday.

“It’ll be the same as the enterprise product,” said Marc Maiffret, eEye’s chief hacking officer. “The consumer market isn’t something we [normally] go after, but in 2006 there have been more Microsoft zero-day vulnerabilities than in at any other time. Consumers are getting left hung up to dry.” "

I looked through the article and it seems to be pretty interesting. Hehe… Looks like Comodo will have another competitor coming up. Considering that they will be offering their product free, I think Comodo will have some competition. But then again, they have a pro version. This would usually mean that the Free version are usually pretty crippled, as far as my experience goes.

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eEye’s Blink is a total solution, while Comodo doesn’t currently offer a full suite. Hopefully when CPF is more grounded a new host intrustion prevention solution will arrive. One thing I like most about CPF is that it is strictly network oriented.

Very interesting read.

A couple of points.
Quite a few people that read and know it will be collecting and sending personal information won’t use this product. IMO.
They also are aimed at “upselling” this product at the end of the year to include the a/v.
They want you to upgrade to a paid version product.

I came here after being happy with Jetico Free personal firewall, its 1 year old and I haven’t seen any new things going on so I am switching slowly.
It is a small footprint and does a good job.

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He He!

competition is always good!
It just forces us to get better :slight_smile:

So bring it on!

PS: I would like to see that they give their products free (meaning free and not a crippleware!) PR etc is all well and good and words are good, but action speaks louder!


I’m generalizing, but typically Suite’s = Bloat… or at least that was my experience with ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. 20-25% system slow-down is not my idea of a good time.

Lets see when they release the free version. Current professional version is not even comparable with CPF from the outbound defense point of view(i.e leak resistance). Inbound defenses are comparable though. But unlike our other competitors, its architecture seems similar to CPF: for example seperate application and network filtering, protocol analysis based intrusion detection etc.

They offer a free trial for professional version. You can download and try.

Nope. I dont think this is a new thing: All other competitors also offer free versions of their firewalls with even more powerful features.

Lets see when they release the free personal version though.