Competition for Comodo? eEye Digital Security's Blink® Personal Edition

"eEye Digital Security’s Blink® Personal Edition combines intrusion prevention, application and network firewall, identity theft protection, and vulnerability assessment into a single, unified client security solution. With Blink, you are ensured both proactive and reactive protection against the broad methods of attack and compromise used by hackers to gain access to your system and personal data.


Blink Personal Edition versus Blink Professional Edition

Below is a chart that outlines the differences in protection, features and support between Blink Personal Edition and Blink Professional Edition. For more information on the advanced features and enterprise capabilities of Blink Professional Edition, please visit the Blink overview page."


Thanks for the info. This may be a very useful and helpful program. Does it compliment or replace CPF?

I think it would be a replacement for Comodo as it’s a firewall and (?) more. FYI. I’ve read elsewhere since posting this that it’s beta. I can’t confirm that (didn’t try very hard). With the exception of the last two items, I thought (though I downloaded but haven’t tried it) that it sounded very similar to CPF. I’m not sure what “indentity theft protection” or that “vulnerability” thing is, though. AntiSpyware and a automatic connection to an online scanner maybe?


Can you pls tell us how this compares to CPF in terms of leak and termination testing as a firewall?




I would love to help out, but I have only one PC. If I do try this, it probably won’t be until the next major iteration of CPF or I reinstall my OS which I do once or twice a year. The latter probably won’t be necessary for awhile due to CPF. :smiley:

Perhaps someone else lurking in these forums has an extra PC?

P.S. Off-track. Awhile back I asked about compatibility of CPF with Dshield’s software (or the others). Any chance that will be happening in the near future, or is this a very low (understandably) priority?

From their page:

“To receive an copy of Blink Personal Edition (Beta), please complete the form below. This product is free of charge during the beta period. Blink Personal Edition may not be used in commercial/corporate environments. Commercial users may download an evaluation of Blink Professional Edition. For a complete list of features and capabilities of each version, please see the version comparison chart.”

So yes, it is a BETA

cheers, rotty

I did test Blink a couple of months (or so) ago, personally I found it a bit hard to configure. When it comes to user friendliness it is 1-0 to Comodo :slight_smile: But to be fair I did not dig in very deep into it, I have lately grown tired of HIPS that demand answers for any obscure little detail. But what I saw of it it seemed like really potent software for the paranoid :wink:
I am trialling Prevx1 right now, letting the community decide what is bad or good. This approach is more appealing to me. But then of course I have never encountered any malware (after been using HIPS for a couple of years)

This from there website

It is how there software works, How does this compare to Comodo?