compatiblity issues with CA Internet Security Suite

I am trying to use a certificate but when I go to install the Comodo SecureEmail in order to retrieve it, a log pops up indicating that the Setup Wizard detects an incompatibility with CAInternet Security Suite. If I ignore it and proceed, when I add my certificate in in my Microsoft Outlook XP 2003 client, it says that an unspecified error has occured when I try to sign my messages. What should I do?

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You have to go through the user guide(page no 127).

Is there any software that has compatibility issues with Comodo SecureEmail?
For Network Level Mode:
Comodo SecureEmail may not operate correctly with the following software when installed in:
• Panda Antivirus;
• Avira AntiVir Premium;
• CA Internet Security Suite;
• PC Tools Antivirus;
• Kaspersky Internet Security 2009;
• ArcaVir 2008.
For Outlook Only Mode:
Comodo SecureEmail does not have any compatibility issues with any other software.

I don’t know if this is related or not, but

Panda Antivirus
I know Panda AV uses Verisign Maybe it has something to do with a certian type of certificate

Nope Network mode uses LSP and that conflicts with some security products.
I think you need to uninstall one of the two, or use “Outlook only” mode.