Compatiblity between Defense+ and Google Desktop Search hotkey (Ctrl+Ctrl)

Google Desktop Search (GDS) has a very cool hotkey (quick type Ctrl twice) to invoke quick search. Some days before it suddenly doesn’t work, meanwhile the other hotkeys of GDS work well such like “Ctrl+Alt+G” and “Win+G”. I re-installed the software but not able to use Ctrl+Ctrl to bring up the search.

Today I found it’s related start up order with Comodo Defense+, now it’s in “Clean PC Mode” and GDS is regarded as “Trusted Application”. If I disable Defense+ and re-launch GDS, the Ctrl+Ctrl can work now even with Defense+ enabled later. But if the Defense+ is on and then launch GDS, the hotkey can’t work even after disable Defense+ later. The behavior looks like when GDB comes up it tries register the hotkey of Ctrl+Ctrl but blocked by Defense+, though there is no any “Suspicious blocks” in Comodo summary.

It makes very confusing that why only this combination is prohibited while the others are OK. Do you have some suggestion to me to further identify the problem? BTW, is there any method to adjust the start up order of different applications when Vista boot up? Thanks a lot!

By default I’m going to place the Comodo to learning mode and clean up all computer policies it learned till now, it will be very painful and can only be done when have time.