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I have had Comodo for several years now and it seems like a great Firewall and defense system. I just started having a problem with Firefox launching… it doesn’t I tried safe mode and did a virus scan anything even a system restore which works for a couple hrs. and then can’t get on the internet. It takes forever to launch then when I enter a web site it says it’s unresponsive it’s not working.

Anyone have this problem …help would be appreciated.

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The main question here is, what happens from the time you do a restore, to the time firefox stops working again. If the problem was being caused by CIS, I’d expect firefox wouldn’t work at all.
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Try running FF with all Extensions disabled (FF Safe Mode) and see if the same thing happens. Also try a basic step like cleaning FF cache and restarting FF.

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From the time a do a restore and it fails to work again is a couple of hrs. then it will not respond. I tried turning off Comodos protection then when FF launches I turn it back on. Seems to hold up for a while.

Thanks for the responses.

Can you try the basic steps of my previous post? This is to see if basics play a role or not. Another thing to consider is to clean browser cache on exit. That helps to keep it more responsive over longer stretches of time.

Hello Again Eric,

Thanks for you help I tried the first post and it didn’t do anything. I unistalled Java and it’s working for now…lets see when I quit and turn it on tomorrow if it stays consistant.

This is what I have done so far I did a restore lasts for a couple hrs. then doesn’t work. I did a firefox reset doesn’t last…I disabled add ons doesn’t last. I have turned off the firewall it launches then I turn firewall on again , but doesn’t last. When I saw java come up in the firewall protection I thought give it a shot and I uninstalled it working for now will get back upon restarting tomorrow.

Thanks Again.

Have you tried Eric’s suggestion of starting firefox in safe mode? I may be worth listing the plug-ins and add-ons you have installed.

Hello Again,

tried to reset and disable add-ons. I have it working somewhat , but it just will not launch quickly anymore. Also it seems to effect other programs with slowness. I checked 3x for malware and scans come up clean. Anyone know why it will not stay in default mode I always have to go in and put back to default then it works for a while…very frustrating to have to play like this.

Thanks again for the reply posts.

You mention that other programs also are suffering from performance issues. Do you see the performance problem only with starting up programs or are they noticeable in general?

Can you think of recent changes you made that coincide with programs getting less responsive?

Can you give us some basics about your system? What OS are you running? What hardware are you on? What version of CIS and what other security programs are installed? Which security programs run in the background?

Hey Eric,

Thanks for coming back to my problem…I feel like a problem child. I have a Dell dimension computer with windows XP. I have Malwarebytes as security scan and Comodo of course without the virus protection. It seems I can get things working when I put FF back to default, but it will not stay there upon re-start the next day FF will come up not in default mode I always have to reset to make it work. When FF works all other programs work. When FF isn’t responsive all other programs slow down greatly as well. Again I checked for viruses and nothing comes up. I have never used add-ons and like I said when I reset to default it will work and then FF goes back on it’s own to current meaning not default. Hopefully I’ve answered in full.

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It sounds to me like you have a memory leak somewhere. As far as Using ‘Reset’ is concerned, it creates a new clean profile but carries across your bookmarks, history, passwords, cookies and auto-form fill stuff. It also removes extensions and plug-ins. However, when you restart, firefox reads the registry for any registered plug-ins, such as flash, java, Microsoft, realplayer etc., and will re-add what it finds. If firefox is the cause of your problems, perhaps it’s one of these causing the leak. Can you check to see which plug-ins are being used.

just curious are you using cis 6 and have do the cache runs during that time?

im not sure if it is aplicable just noticed that it looks somewhat like what happens on my mothers laptop when cache builder runs ( at first i thought i thought it was java until i saw the task became 1 and cache is running)

Hey Guys,

Thank you for the suggestions and excuse the ignorance , but what is CIS 6 and how do I check the plug ins or add ons? Today I started the computer and ff launched , but would not respond…i restarted and it worked this time.

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Comodo Internet Security version 6

and how do I check the plug ins or add ons? Today I started the computer and ff launched , but would not respond..i restarted and it worked this time.

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Open firefox then, on the keyboard select Control+shift+A This opens the about:addons page. See what you have listed under Extensions and Plugins.