Compatibility with Faronics Deep Freeze?

I have the latest version of CIS 7 I have 2 machines with Deep Freeze installed on them. I thawed them when I installed CIS went through the updates first scan and reboot. Everything was working perfectly then I refroze the machines on reboot CIS now pops up a message stating that it could not start and asks to run a scan to find issues. It finds there are no problems and closes, I can then double click the desktop icon for CIS and it will open and run. I have re-installed CIS a couple of times now even leaving one thawed for several reboots everything is fine until its refrozen then it fails to start on its own.

Any ideas?

Forgot to mention that these are windows 7 machines one is 7 Pro x86 the other is 7 Ultimate x64

Anyone use Deep Freeze that has gotten this to work?

I have exactly the same problem and would like an answer. But I’m guessing it’s more of a Deep Freeze problem, or perhaps related to UEFI or Secure Boot.

Try my fix. This is for Comodo Firewall.

1.Install Deep Freeze, then boot Thawed.
2.Install Comodo Firewall. DO NOT RESTART, postpone it. Go to Advanced Settings.
3.General Settings>Configuration. Right-click on Proactive Security and Activate.
4.Security Settings>Defense+>HIPS. Disable HIPS.
5.Security Settings>File Rating>File List. Change all ‘Unrecognized’ Deep Freeze icons to ‘Trusted’. Click Ok. Double check to see if changes were saved.
6.Restart computer. You can now boot Frozen.

*If icon doesn’t show at System Tray, repeat step 5. Restart pc.

**Add the faronics folder to the antivirus global exclusion list.