Compatibility Settings Applied

I was browsing CIS 6 GUI & advanced settings hanged for app. 5 secs & became responsive again but I got a window mentioning something like windows applied compatibility settings to CIS, rerun the program & try to open it.

What compatibility settings applied?

Do I need to reinstall CIS?

Win 7 64

It means Windows doesn’t believe CIS is compatible with your version of Windows.

After that I noticed that CIS takes little more time than usual to appear in tray icons after system starts. Though all CIS services are started i.e appear in taskmanager exept cfp.exe, cfp.exe appears when CIS appears in tray icon.

So I think windows delayed CIS appearing in tray icons by few more secs-min.

I will reinstall CIS. Anyway to check the change & set it to usual i.e as it was before?

Hi Naren,
Typo or left over service? :-
There is no cfp.exe in V6, the tray icon uses cistray.exe in V6.

Yes, cistray.exe.

I didn’t do anything & its loading fine now.

I will keep watch & if necessary reinstall CIS.

By the way any info what compatibility settings are applied?

Non that I am aware of, my guess would be Windows only checked for compatibility due to the hang.

You could right click the exe files in the C:\Program Files\Comodo\COMODO Internet Security folder and see if any compatibility settings have been applied.
You could also check Windows event viewer under Applications and services logs, Microsoft, Program compatibility Assistant.