Compatibility problems with Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Recently when I tried to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 onto my laptop, a Kaspersky pop-up stated that I had to remove Comodo Firewall before the Kaspersky installatoin could be completed as the programmes were “incompatible”.

As I have paid money for the anti-virus programme (which continues to get very good reviews) I would prefer to keep using it, but would also like to keep using Comodo Firewall (which not only gets excellent reviews, but I have also never had a problem with, unlike every other firewall I’ve ever used) at this point I feel a bit peeved, because neither Kaspersky nor Comodo lists any information on their websites that I can see about possible compatibility issues with other popular security programmes.

Firstly, I would like to find out if there really is a serious issue that means I can’t run both programmes on the same computer, and secondly I would like to know where I can find compatibility information on the net in order to avoid this problem in the future.

Pleas help!

hi Hengine,
im using both commodo and kaspersky6.0 together didnt had any problem installing but unlike I had kaspersky installed before commodo !!

Try this if it works :

  1. Backup your rules and settings then uninstall commodo
  2. Install kaspersky.
  3. Than temporarily disable proactive-defense
  4. Install commodo :BNC

or wait for the mods to advice on this problem may be they have some other way around !!

Hi Hengine, welcome to the forums.

Whilst I was aware that KIS had problems with CFP because of its firewall component, I was not aware that this extended to KAVs or that KAVs was producing a incompatibility warning with CFP on installation.

I think you should go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. Please remember to post-back any feedback/resolution that Support may give you, thanks.

From what I can see, having followed various threads on the subject, is that, kaspersky, has added this warning message quite recently.

As kail says. you might want to file a ticket with Comodo Support, but I’d also pursue this through the Kaspersky chennels.

Unfortunately, this problem does seem to be variable, some have problems and some don’t. Right now I suggest you try the uninstall of CFP, install KAV, reinstall CFP, as outlined above.


I tried KAV, before the nod32 trial, and really liked KAV, but KAV (like mcafee and unlike nod32), even with auto-updates turned off, was very persistent (and devious) in trying to contact their servers every surfing moment, which was annoying. I never could get the “web AV settings” portion of KAV to open, actually it completely locked up my computer when I tried to open it, and the only way to get the window unlocked was to log off and log back on. I contacted KAV and unfortunately it took them forever to respond. They sent me an e-mail saying kav just flat wouldn’t work with Comodo (which I know from the posting on this board is not correct), and gave me a list of 11 other FWs that would work with kav. Sorry KAV, I’ll change to another anti-virus before I give up comodo. I’ve never had 1 problem with Nod32/comodo, and once nod32 was set to manually update, I never heard another peep out of it. My alerts that “this and that” was trying trying to use “svc host” or "something thru “ole automation” was trying to act as a server and contact the internet went way down as well. I’m in the process of reinstalling xp to a clean HD and loading all the programs back up (unfortunately a time consuming process–that’s why I’ve purchased some quality ghosting software and making/testing images along the way). When I get the new HD completely ready to go, I’m going with nod32 as an AV. Until then, I’ll suffer with mcafee (which is free) and HWAPI trying every surfing moment to contact their servers. ----- Unfortunately another problem has just surfaced. I try and keep IE under control to the point of shutting it completely down (which seems impossible), “start” “set program access & defaults” “uncheck IE”. I have to keep an eye on my application monitor, because every so often, some of the values assigned to Iexplore.exe change from either “ask” or “block” to “allow”, and I’m not doing it. I really do hope in comodo version 3, that they “password protect” the comodo settings or offer the option to make you “run as an administrator from the limited user account” before changing any of the comodo settings.