Compatibility problems with Bitdefender 8.0?[Resolved]

When i am running boclean i have sometimes pc loopings.

Maybe it were sysfader problems.

Maybe boclean and bitdefender 8.0 caused compatibility problems.

Do you know compatibility problems with bitdefender 8.0.



Is this the Free version of BitDefender, or Paid?

I have the free version, so it is On-Demand scan only (although it does have an active user interface/command center), and I have no issues with CBO. The Paid version, having On-Access as well, I do not know about.


I bought a IT-Book with BitDefender 8.0. This version has an On-Access Scanner.
This must be a paid version.


Yeah, that would probably be the paid version then.

I’m not aware of any compatibility issues, and don’t see why there would be. However, since I don’t use that version, I don’t know for sure.

All I know is I’ve used CBO with several On-Access AV scanners and not experienced any issues.



sometimes i have the sysfader problem for a short time.

But sometimes i can stop pc looping when i deinstalled boclean.

I have follow plans: When i will buy a personal computer with windows vista i will use CFP 3.0, CAV and BOClean. But with windowsxp i am using only CFP 2.4 or CFP 3.0 because i am using BitDefender 8.0 paid version.

Never mind.


This is looking like a common issue as noted here: Boclean 4.25 in conflict with BitDefender '08?[Resolved]
Though I’m not familiar with BD’s versions the answer seems to not update to version '08.
I’ll lock this and mark as resolved.
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