Compatibility problems with AVG?


I’ve been happily using AVG Anti-Virus and Comodo Firewall together on each of my last 3 machines. It’s now time up upgrade AVG, but their installer fails because a “Conflicting product detected”, which is “Comodo Antivirus”.

Now I know I’ve never installed Comodo Antivirus on this PC, so this looks a bit odd. According to the AVG forums (AVG Support Community | User Forum for All AVG products) this is because of registry key:


I’ve opened up regedit and can confirm that this key exists. The default value is “Comodo AntiVirus” and there are a load of sub-keys.

My question is, given that I’m not using the Comodo AntiVirus (and the Comodo control panel don’t have this option ticked), is it safe to remove this registry key and it’s children? I don’t want to break my firewall, but need up update the virus scanner.

Hey and Welcome!

I don’t think you should do anything but you could solve your problem this way.

uninstall AVG and COMODO (no internet connect is advisable), clean registry they left with CSC (comodo system cleaner), which is stable and good, or any other alike. And then install first AVG and then Comodo.


Hi Valentinchen,

That’s certainly sound advice. :slight_smile:

Actually a good clean of the registry is probably advisable at this stage anyway…

CSC will do a good job. I recommend these settings.

run CSC. CSC —> Settings —> General. Here you mark all besides the last one option.

CSC —> registry cleaner —> settings. Here you mark the second and the last option.

CSC —> privacy cleaer —> settings. Mark the second and the last option

CSC —> disk cleaner ----> settings. Mark the second and the last option.


Hi Valentin,

I’ll give that a go.

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

Any time Tyme. Let me know how it goes.


Hi Valentin,

The registry cleaner was well worth running - there was loads of rubbish that could be removed. Unfortunately I also managed to remove all my Firefox bookmarks. Thankfully I followed your advice on making those backups and logfiles before doing anything!

Anyway, the one thing CSC didn’t remove was the registry key for “Comodo AntiVirus”, which leaves me wondering if I should manually remove it. It feels like a dangerous thing to do, but If I don’t have the product I think I should be OK.

Did you uninstall CIS? If so then you can remove that registry key.

Hi EricJH,

To be honest I was hoping that CSC would have notice that Comodo Antivirus wasn’t installed and removed the keys. Given your question, can I assume that it’s somehow bundled in with CIS?

If that is the case I’ll have to download everything, disconnect from the internet, remove CIS, clean the registry and reinstall everything. I was trying to avoid this because I can see myself forgetting to download something important and not finding out until after I’ve removed the virus scanner and firewall. That would leave me in a position where I need to get onto the net to download protective stuff, but with out adequate protection to go and download it! Catch-22.

You can safely remove that registry key.

It is of course always good to be cautious when deleting things from the registry but this key can be deleted in this case.

Hi EricJH,

Perfect - that’s exactly what I needed top know. Obviously I’ll back up that part of the registry first (just to be sure). I appreciate your help here: :slight_smile:

I learned another way of dealing with incompatibility between aVG 201 and CIS. When installing CIS the AVG resident shield needs to be disabled.