Compatibility List?

Hi, just wondering, is there a list of software that Comodo Internet security is compatible with? I’m thinking other security apps with a slightly different emphasis, or maybe I would like to mix and match parts of the above with others ?


Try here.

Thanks for the link, I guess a little searching would have done the job :slight_smile:

I notice the thread is just peoples feedback, there’s nothing official from Comodo?

Hi Das

The thread above pointed out by Dennis was made by Umesh (Head of AntiVirus Labs for COMODO), So yes it is an official thread.

It is only based on user-feedback, But it’s impossible to know that every security software that is compatible with Comodo Internet Security (But common sense wise, You shouldn’t run 2 AntiVirus software for example), But the point of the thread is to post what Security Software is compatible and what is not so COMODO can improve the capability with other Security Software/Vendors.

Can you post what Security Software your thinking/wanting to use with Comodo Internet Security?


Thanks, I get asked questions by people I help sometimes. The other thread has some good info.

a compatibility list is also featured on Common Computing Security Standards Forum


This reference guide lists compatibility issues between different security vendors. Please refer to this guide before installing multiple security suites in order to ensure that PC protection is not being unintentionally compromised.

It’s incompatible with:

McAfee Personal Firewall Plus
Norton Personal Firewall
Outpost Firewall Pro
Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security (Firewall)
Sunbelt Personal Firewall
Sygate Personal Firewall
Tiny Desktop Firewall
Trend Micro Internet Security
Zone Alarm
Process Guard
Pro Security
System Safe Monitor
Dynamic Security Agent
Blue Coat K9 Web Protection
SnoopFree Privacy Shield

I have been using Spyware Terminator(with all hip intrusion enabled on high alert)along with Comodo Internet Security Free Version. I have been running these together for about three days now and there seems to be no compatibility issues. Just letting people know about this. :slight_smile:

Running two active HIPS products is not a good idea.

Or may be say for people who like a bit of testing and don’t mind the risk that comes with it…:wink:

I uninstalled it, it struck me about defense plus :o