Compatibility Comodo Firewall and Avast! [Resolved]

Hi everyone (:WAV)

I’m a new user of Comodo Firewall - just 1 day experience :slight_smile: That’s why I had a look into this forum to learn more about it and I’ve read in some post that Comodo Firewall and Avast! don’t go together well.

I’m using Avast! 4.7.
Could anyone explaine what kind of problems appear and which of these two programmes won’t work properly and in what way.
Should I expect any problems with my AV programme?

Thanks in advance!

welcome to the forum.
I don’t have Avast, but I think that some users have had problem when they use Webshield on Avast.
There might be some more, but just try it and see if it works.
There are users that don’t have any problems running these two apps at the same time.
Good luck. :wink:

Welcome to the forum, Anexa,

Here’s a thread wherein Avast! HE and CPF issues are discussed, as experienced by some users.,3113.0.html Apparently there’s more to be had on the Avast! forums as well. It should be noted clearly that not all users with seemingly the same (at least very similar) setups are experiencing the problem, so it’s not across the board by any means.

Here’s another link:,3889.msg29772.html#msg29772 to a post by user Michele. About halfway thru she notes that lukor from Avast! posts on Avast! forum that by working w/Comodo, a resolution has been found and should be addressed by next CPF release (2.4 or somesuch). Beta 2.4.x is being tested; I did not see in the release notes in the CPF Beta threads that this was an addressed issue (doesn’t mean it isn’t; I just didn’t see that).

Hope that helps a bit,


Thanks alot (:HUG)

I don’t have any problems with CPF and Avast /yet :)/ But it never knows…
Links were very helpful, giving realy useful information on user’s experience (:NRD)

All the best guys!

I will put resolved on this, even if you didn’t have any problems… :wink:
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