Compatability problem

I recently installed COMODO Firewall Pro. I now find that the email scanning function of my Computer Associates (CA) Anti-Virus program has been turned OFF.

Is this a known problem. How do I get my email scanning function turned ON.


Should be in the AV setup somewhere I would have thought. Use the “Help” menu if it’s not immediately apparent.

Hi Ronmac1, welcome to the forums.

I’m not familiar with CA’s AV, but I’m not aware of any known problems either. It may depend on how the AV intercepts the email client. Some do it via port redirection & some do it via LSP (Layered Service Provider)… check the AVs help to see the method used.

Check CFPs Log (Activity tab) & look for any CA related blocks… CA’s email scanner might need to be allowed Invisible Connections in CFPs Application Monitor or just need authorisation (blocks in the Log should indicate this).

If CA’s AV uses LSP then you might need to reinstall it… but, sometimes just turning the email scanning off & on, forcing the LSP entry to be reapplied, can resolve it.