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I was proud to use Comodo because I’ve thought the only competitor (frankly speaking - very close to Comodo) is Outpost. But I’ve found the following:

As you can see - too bad for Comodo! Can anyone comment this? According to the above mentioned test the best is KIS and Jetico…

I may be blind but these results are 2 years old!!!
Look at the Comodo Firewall version tested: 1.1.005, the current one is



it’s me again (:TNG)

You can go here: to see how well one of the newest versions of cfp deals with leak-testing.

As you can see the cfp takes the lead and as far as I’m concerned that’s a reason to celebrate both for us, users, as well as for the developers at Comodo.

You are not blind but I am (:NRD)

Sure it is very outdated results, I have a long working day and have posted nonsense. Sorry! (CLY)

You can also look at and

I wonder if one of those sites is made by your hands… :THNK

Nope. Though I read both :slight_smile:

I have downloaded the zipfiles wich contains all the tests and I did a 1 hour scan of my system and It found 76 malware traces!!! This could be false positives because indeed these are files to test the security so they are hacking tools, though it is something to think about… maybe it is malware…

They’re all leak tests, no malware. They just test the firewall + hips (:NRD) btw, when you see to the test results look who did them (forum profile).


you mean yourself… ???



actually, on xp or vista system, comodo FW 3.0 is really a great program security.
my opinion is made by testing some other products that could be an alternative to comodo but at the end of tests, i think comodo is seriously in advance compare to others FW.
for people that care about security and like to have control and info over most events that happen on the machine, comodo is simply the best prog they can get.
u can try all other softwares and maybe u’ll find one that match better with your need, something maybe easier where u don’t need to answer things and auto-protect u,
but in other case if u want the best, i don’t know actually another product.
the fact that comodo is a freeware could make people imagine that if it’s free, it’s possibly not a so great piece of security soft. that’s the most ironic part, it’s free and when u use it, u see that it’s coded by a professional team in security network. i don’t think u can find a freeware with this level of performance.
to offer that soft for free is just incredible when u see the security level u got.
i don’t think there are competitors cause other FW are shareware.
and i’m sorry for them cause i think they work seriously on their products but comodo is actually the leader in firewalls and it must be very problematic to fight a freeware FW that is really a level upon all other products.
even if it was shareware, my choice would be comodo FW for sure.
this great code works as good on xp or vista, it’s the leader, it’s free, this is what i call a fukin great performance when i imagine the work it takes to release this thing.
now it’s competitors job to release a product that can fight vs comodo FW but i admit the comodo team work is really impressive, must be a pain to have them as competitors in the same category and make money by selling FW as u got one team that rules the FW market and freeware to achieve the story.
at the moment i don’t see a competitor that offer a better solution for xp and vista.
if there was a better solution on what i’m waiting for about a FW, don’t care if it would shareware or not, i would get it, except if the price would be crazy like 100 euro/year, would be too much.
i bought a FW some months ago but after testing, i changed my protection, that’s not cause i got a licence for some other product that i stay with a product just cause i bought it as there’s another one that match better with my needs.
i’m not looking for freeware just cause it is freeware so i don’t need a licence, or in this case i wouldnt use KAV as AV, i’d use some free one but it’s like comodo with FWs, this is what i want from an AV, i began to doubt about kav and last build 7.0 that was workin bad, slowin the system so much, but they released this version 8.0 that is just great. workin so fast, scannin two times shorter if it’s not even better.
it’s possible they released the best AV of the year with this version, what a change compare to previous version, impressive, my system works like there’s no active AV protection as build 7.0 was a nightmare.
and the most important is that it works with comodo.
if it wasnt compatible, i would use some other AV but not the FW, cause there’s no other FW that can replace comodo actually.
or if there’s one, i just don’t know it.
of course there are little things i would like added into but it’s details when u see all the FW and defense+ protections options, it’s high level security prog,
i would like a log window like the one into jetico 1.0 that logs all events min by min and auto scroll so u see what’s happening, i don’t know if it was real time but almost, and i asked to myself why comodo dont resolve ips but that would slow down the FW, what is not a good idea if u’re flooded or something like that.

testfiles are detected by your AV, what is a good new, it means that it works.
most of tests are exploits and detected for what they are but it’s not virus or trojan to get you.
and if u want to test exploits, u shouldnt do that on the system u work on.
for testing u’d better install a fresh version of the OS u want to use and install the FW u want to test then download files and try files. some tests can make changes on your system so use a standalone hd, install a system and start play with files to see how your firewall reacts. some tests are funny like PC security test 2007 or something like that, u should give a try and see how it’s easy to mess with a pc…

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